Stats are~610km (Ran 200km, cycled 410km) in 4days 8hrs and 50 mins.


Check out running for pearl on Facebook for lots of posts & pictures from along the journey .


We are delighted to be helping Malcolm Mc Loughlin with the challenge he has set for himself this year. We are supplying a campervan to Malcolm & his team for the week of the run.

Malcolm is RUNNING from Mizen Head to Malin Head in 6 Days to help raise funds & awareness for Autism.

Below is an extract from the Running for Pearl Website……………….

“Running for Pearl came about in late 2009 as my daughter Pearl was diagnosed with Autism on July 21st 2009. The idea was to combine endurance events with Autism awareness in the hope of making sense of this handicap, not just for ourselves but for other families too. It slowly gained momentum and before long we found ourselves e-mailing people all over the world, writing blogs and posting event details on our Facebook page.

The feedback from strangers and friends alike has touched our family deeply and this caring spirit has inspired me to constantly raise my game and seek out new challenges all the time. I have run Marathons, 50 km races and a 100km race in Vendee western France in May of this year. Every stride is made in the name of Autism and I am only getting warmed up. In 2011 I will attempt the greatest physical challenge of my life which is to run from Mizen head to Malin head which is from the South of Ireland to its northernmost tip.

I find that the journey through life with an Autistic child is mirrored in my running adventures. The ups and downs of the road reflect the highs and lows that are part of life. But together we will overcome, I invite you to share our journey and make a difference in a child’s life. Please browse through our site and sign our guest book if you have the time.

We walk this long road together.

June 2010″

Please check out the website


The Run will take place from the 3rd July. Any sponsership or donations would be gratefully appreciated by Malcolm & his team .



Running for Pearl Mizen head to Malin head

Press Release

Founded in 2009 Running for Pearl is a non profit organisation dedicated
to raising funds and awareness for children and families affected by
Autism. Since my daughter Pearl’s diagnosis I have chosen to push
myself through endurance challenges in an effort to reach the hearts and

minds of people and show them that Autism is not something to be afraid

of. On Sunday July 3 –
 2011 I will attempt the greatest endurance test of them all by running from Ireland’s southern most point to its most northern: Mizen head to Malin head.
This run will see me cover a total of 570 kilometres in less than six days. To put it into perspective that’s two and a half marathons a day for a total of almost fourteen marathons back to back. This
challenge is aimed at benefiting Autism charities in Ireland and France as well as creating a trust to further Pearl’s many therapies and education. You can help in many ways, first and foremost is through donations. Little amounts do add up and it is amazing how many different ways it can help, from teaching a child their first word to writing their first letter. Autistic people have done great things in this world and can continue to do so given the right guidance.
Spreading the word through the Internet, at your place of work, at the gym or a run/football match is vital in keeping the momentum going.
I will need all the support I can get to make this happen. Major sponsors are very welcome to join our epic adventure which will be updated through our site, Twitter and facebook pages. The event itself will be tracked live and many runners have come onboard already to take on a chunk of the challenge themselves.


If you would like to get involved by please contact me at
or bychecking out
.The clock is ticking and the excitement is building. Join us and be part of and event that will, quite literally, change lives.
Malcolm McLoughlin