Imc Boot Door Lock

The characteristics of the lock
- Lock for motorhomes, profile type, integral
– Suitable for :
- Trunk door
- hold
– Materials :
- Anodized aluminum
- Screws and Mechanics : Stainless steel

- Pairing compatible with all other products in our range

- Designed for 35mm Maxi panels, i.e. almost all motorhomes.

- The play with the quill is adjustable in 4 heights with the supplied spacers.

Supplied with Drilling Template it is Easy to Install with 2 Holes Ø 9 and 1 hole Ø 22 to be made with a Standard Commercial Hole Saw.

IMC Créations is a French company that designs and manufactures burglar-resistant locks.

IMC Créations locks are patented in Europe and can be installed on 99% of existing vehicles.

French patented trunk lock
Burglar-proof lock with external control for optimum security.
- Lock equipped with high-strength steel cylinder
- Anti-drilling centre for extra strength
- Radial pin mechanism
- 7-pin radial mechanism offering 500,000 combinations